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Robin Vickers, Executive Director & Founder

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Having a strong background in engineering in the UK, I am motivated by a desire for restored economic growth in this country and I see embracing new technology as a way to do that. Within healthcare, where people have a very mixed experience of the service, there is a massive opportunity to improve it using digital tools.

My role at DLS is to lead a team of great people to make sure this happens.

Before working in healthcare, I came from an engineering background to work for 11 years as a management consultant transforming businesses through the use of technology. For the past eight years, I have focused on health, delivering NHS local, national and local digital health programmes and programmes in patient and staff engagement alongside organisations such as the NHS Institute.

In an advisory capacity, I have helped with the creation of the framework for delivering telehealth at scale, Healthcare Without Walls, that was endorsed by the Government’s Health Select Committee. I have also helped formulate the response of The British Computer Society to the NHS Information Revolution consultation and advised NHS London on digital activation ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Andrew Chitty, Executive Director & Founder

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I’m passionate about restructuring the relationship between healthcare provider and citizen, empowering the latter and delivering efficiencies, insight and redesigned services for the former. I believe wholeheartedly that through using digital channels to reconfigure this relationship, the healthcare sector can achieve the huge dividend seen in other areas of the economy.

My role at DLS is to lead on service and product design, with a focus on providing real benefits to healthcare providers and patients.

I originally trained as a neuroscientist, publishing on disorders of the human visual system before moving into science and technology broadcasting and digital design and development. Since the early 90s I have led the design and delivery of innovative public services across the internet, including the BBC’s first website and award winning digital and e-learning services for clients as diverse as The National Theatre, Welsh Assembly Government and many cultural and educational institutions.

As ministerial advisor to the department of Business, Innovation and Skills I was one of the authors of The Digital Britain Report (HMSO 2009), the white paper that launched the concept that public services should be ‘digital by default’ and universally available. I am an advisor to OFCOM, the UK’s telecoms and media regulator, a Non-Executive Director of Creative England, a past chair of the National Skills Council for Digital Media and have lectured in digital and service design at INA in Paris, the RCA in London and at the University of Falmouth as a Visiting Professor.

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Davie McGirr, Director of Product Design

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I am user experience designer and architect. I’ve worked on the internet for 18 years and I have significant experience designing business workflow systems and large dynamic media systems. I’ve also been involved in running successful digital businesses for 16 years.

I’ve worked with clients including Microsoft, BAFTA, Channel 4, MIT, various NHS trusts, The RSC, Barclays, BMJ, Random House, Universal Music, Science Museum, Hulton Getty, Haymarket Publishing, National School of Healthcare, Fremantel Media, Jamie Oliver’s Fresh One, Orange RockCorp, News International and many of the BBC vision and learning departments.

I have a BA in Economics and an MA in Design. Over the last 3 years I’ve been leading the UX and digital product design on a number of digital health project. More recently I’ve been working on assisted living project, Living it Up and Year Zero, and the clinical engagement tool, No Delays.

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Hilary Hall, Director of Operations

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I have been delivering digital projects designed to inform or educate users for over 15 years and I am particularly interested in how digital technologies can disseminate information in a way that is both appropriate and appealing for people, not just ‘another website’. There are real opportunities to deliver transformation within the health sector now that citizens increasingly expect services to be delivered online.

My experience in gathering requirements, assembling teams, generating solutions and delivering projects has led me to board level in overseeing all aspects of production. My role at Digital Life Sciences is to ensure that the operational processes and procedures of the company are the right ones to deliver the very best products and services.

Because my background is in delivering award-winning online learning materials, I will also inform our strategies around the online professional development of healthcare staff.

I gained a first class degree in cognitive psychology before moving into educational publishing, where I worked as an editor, commissioner and publisher for Usborne Publishing, Dorling Kindersley Interactive Learning and the Guardian newspaper’s online startup, At Illumina Digital I led the online and video components of a number of national teaching and learning programmes as well as delivering learning based campaigns and projects for clients such as the BBC, the NHS, Google and the Welsh Assembly. I also write about technology in education for a number of publications.

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Melissa Nurcombe, Head of Marketing

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Delivering products and services that make a real different to peoples’ lives makes me tick as does helping businesses grow with defined, useful marketing and lead generation strategies.

My role at DLS is to make sure those organisations who have a need for our products and services know that we are here; understand why we are good at what we do and can clearly see how our products and services can bring benefits to their patients lives and their own organisations.

I have headed up marketing teams in a healthcare environment for over 10 years and more recently, whilst moving to the Peak District and having my daughter have worked as a freelance marketing consultant.

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Damien Hampton, Head of Technology

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I have been in the software development industry for 15 years and it is still a passion of mine. At heart I am a problem solver. I enjoy taking a problem and advising if and how software and hardware tools, combined with processes, can contribute to real solutions.

I lead the company’s development, IT and support team and am responsible of the company’s technology strategy. I also advise clients on technology solutions. An important part of my role is ensuring that a client’s requirements have been met, that we are using the most appropriate technical solution and that relevant standards are adhered to. In addition to my general duties, I am the Technical Lead for the West Midlands’s NHS local digital service platform and for one of the TSB’s four Dallas assisted living projects.

I have worked for large and small agencies in the past, including Saatchi and Saatchi, Exposure and Time Out, and across a variety of clients, including the BBC, Virgin, the Royal Navy, Sony Computer Entertainment, the Victoria and Albert museum and Red Bull.

I started my career as a web developer, using a broad set of technologies and a have progressed as lead developer and technical lead, through to management positions.

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Claire Scally, Programme Manager

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I am driven by creating services and solutions that help individuals and businesses reach their full potential.

At DLS I manage our large-scale funded research and development projects. I am Programme Manager for Year Zero, part of the TSB-funded DALLAS (developing assisted living lifestyles at scale) programme which we are delivering with four NHS partner organisations throughout the UK. I am also account lead on the Scottish DALLAS project, Living it Up.

Prior to joining DLS I ran a range of training, development and business support organisations, worked for the UK’s largest trade body for television and interactive media producers and led projects developing the digital sector in Scotland for the national economic development agency.

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Dharmesh Patel, Head of Business Transformation

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I’m passionate about helping clients to define and achieve their product and service vision and strategy.

At DLS I lead on all our product and service deployment activities, with a focus on supporting customers to deliver sustainable and transformational IT-enabled business changes through service improvement that is business-led and benefits driven.

My change and benefits management experience has developed over the last 12 years within the public and private sector across different industries including, telecoms and criminal justice. For the last six years I’ve been leading healthcare IT-focused strategy development, stakeholder engagement, process improvement and benefits management projects and programmes.

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Bianca White, Head of Delivery

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Creating products and delivering services that can improve people’s experience of the health service is what we do. Digital Life Sciences is dedicated not just to delivering products, but also to deploying them to deliver sustainable business changes which produce service improvements. I really want to see our products change how people use and experience services, for the better.

Within DLS I oversee and implement overall project management processes and delivery. The main focus is making sure all our projects are delivered on time and on budget without compromising on quality. I enjoy providing the structure and processes which the team can implement so that our products are rolled out into organisations successfully.

I started off my career working in games development, and then moved to work for digital agencies. I have over 10 years’ experience leading and delivering projects as a project manager in the digital media industry. I’ve delivered on a variety of projects of varying sizes.

I have worked in the multiplatform, learning, games, entertainment and public sectors. I have delivered for a long list of clients, including the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority, Nord Anglia Education, Learning and Skills Improvements Service, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Channel 4, Sony, Kelloggs, Adidas, Take2, and Rockstar.

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Patrick Flavelle, Head of NHS Digital Services, West Midlands

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I enjoy working with NHS organisations to understand, develop and deliver their digital requirements. Making it about people is what makes it worthwhile.

My role at DLS involves collaborating with clients to develop creative and engaging digital products and services that improve things for healthcare staff and the people they care for. I help ensure these are delivered efficiently and add value to the NHS.

After research in plant pathology, I trained as a schoolteacher before producing factual TV programmes for the BBC for 15 years. A stint lecturing at university led to work on digital media projects in education and health at Maverick Television before joining DLS.