DLS Access

DLS Access gives patients same-day access to their healthcare professionals via the web, smartphone, Skype or telephone.

It allows healthcare professionals to deal with increasing patient demand more efficiently and delivers a clear return on investment.

What's included?

DLS Access is a cloud based service which is purchased on an annual per patient licence basis across your whole patient population.

The service is backed-up with executive level support and access to a DLS Client Delivery Manager to ensure successful deployment into your organisation.

In addition we can also provide Project Management and Transformational Change resource to work client-side as an outsourced service and pre-sales consultancy packages to help you develop a digital business strategy, asses digital readiness and outline your future digital roadmap.

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How does it work?

Access makes it possible for healthcare providers to offer their patients better, more convenient access to their healthcare services via the web, smartphone, Skype or telephone.

It helps providers deal with increasing patient demand more efficiently and delivers a clear return on investment. Benefits of this product are proven within primary care but can be adapted to any setting.

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Benefits and results

Results from the first deployment of DLS Access, which was through our partnership with Modality (previously Vitality) Partnership in the Prime Minister's Wave 1 Challenge Fund programme have been more than we had hoped for.

DLS Access has demonstrated a £15 saving per patient across the group.

Over 65% of all health concerns are now dealt with remotely, within the hour.

Practices within the group have seen between 5-10% reduction in A and E attendance as a result of the new service.

The group have seen a 72% reduction in missed GP and ANP appointments.

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The entry level for DLS Access is priced on a per patient annual licence of £5+VAT per patient.

Costs are priced on your total patient population, with a minimum of 50,000, however we are working on a small practice solution, so do get in touch if your numbers fall below this minimum, we may soon have some exciting options available.


In this section we cover some of the more common questions we have been asked by our clients, potential clients and those we speak to at events and presentations up and down the country.

If your question isn't answered here, get in touch, we are happy to answer your questions on a one to one basis.