How does it work?

Access makes it possible for healthcare providers to offer their patients better, more convenient access to their healthcare services via the web, smartphone, Skype or telephone.

It helps providers deal with increasing patient demand more efficiently and delivers a clear return on investment. Benefits of this product are proven within primary care but can be adapted to any setting.

Here Dr Gwyn Harris, Medical Director at the Vitality Partnership, explains the service to patients.



Using a digital first approach, when the service is up and running, practices encourage patients to sign up to the digital service using targeted communications.

Once signed up, requests to see a doctor are made by registered patients using a phone, app or the form on a patient-centred website.

All requests are pooled into the Health Hub, or call centre and handled either by trained call centre operatives or clinical staff (whichever the client feels is most appropriate for their business).

The Health Hub team then puts the patient on a call-back list and a healthcare professional returns that call, usually within an hour, either by phone or Skype, whichever the patient requested.

In 65 per cent of cases, this call back is all a patient needs. For the other 35 per cent, a patient is offered a face-to-face appointment the same day. This service has reduced the number of appointments that patients fail to attend by 75 per cent.

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