DLS Access is priced on a per annum licence fee,  based on a minimum patient population of 50,000 and in year one include:

  • a per annum for licence fee.
  • DLS executive support and Client Delivery Manager to help get your project up and running.
  • transformational and operational support.
  • configuration.
  • localised content.
  • hosting.
  • support and maintenance.


*Our Executive team will provide senior experience and strategy from previous deployments, however if you feel you need extra help before embarking on your digital journey, they can also provide Digital Readiness Assessments and Strategic Digital Transformation Evaluation to make sure your Digital Strategy is set and aligned.

** A level of service re-design is built-in as part of this package to make sure your deployment is user entered and right for your organisation. However if you require a more comprehensive solution across your project and organsiation, our Embedded Business Transformation Resource may be what you need.

*** Our executive team and client delivery managers provide initial support to get your project up and running. Should you require dedicated in-house transformational change or project management resource we have a team of consultants ready to help.

**** Additional guides may be purchased at a cost of £5,000 per guide, please talk to us about your requirements.

Contracts are on a 12 month renewable basis and are subject to terms and conditions, which are available upon request.

Licence costs at year 2 will include support, maintenance, licence, hosting and helpdesk.

Our Digital Readiness Assessment or a Strategic Digital Transformation Evaluation will ensure your digital strategy is in line with your organisation objectives.

To ensure the smooth running of your project, we can also offer Embedded Project Management, Business Transformation and Digital Integration Resource.


If you're looking for a small practice solution (under 50,000 patients), do get in touch - it is on our roadmap and we are keen to discuss what we could do.

Get in touch to talk to us about a pricing structure for your project.

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