What’s included

In year one we will provide executive and client delivery experience from our previous deployments to help with fundamental service re-design and ensure your project gets up and running efficiently. Should you need extra in-house transformational change, project management, service delivery or marketing and communications support, we have a team of consultants we can outsource to support your project.

In addition, DLS Access includes;

Support to create an operational digital health and care hub
Using our preferential or your incumbent telephony partners our Client Delivery Mangers will help you create a right-sized operational digital health and care hub.

A branded web front end
A new, branded front end will allow your patients to navigate and access their services easily and quickly on a digital first programme.

Branded Smartphone Apps
iOS and Andriod smartphone apps branded to your organisation enable those who wish to access your service on-the-go.

Skype for remote consultations
Enabling your patients to request and conduct Skype consultations with their healthcare professionals.

Identity Management
Users will be able to be identity verified so that they are able to be sent healthcare information and be booked into remote consultations.

System Analytics Reporting
Custom dashboards with key performance indicators will be supplied so you have visibility on the performance of your new system and processes.

Directory of Services
A tool which will allow your patients to search healthcare services around their postcode.


Appointment Requests (Local Data)
Users registered with a health service and signed into the platform can request an appointment and call back within an hour (depending on an organisation’s SLA).

Patient real-time feedback
Users can rate the quality of the service both through free text and through a smiley-style device (as seen at supermarkets and car parks) that reflects the Friends and Family test requirements.

GP Practice Registration (Local Data)
User can access the forms available and register with a GP practice.

Register as User
Users can register with the site and sign in – if they are not registered with any of the practices, they are prompted to do so.

Just a quick note to congratulate you on the Vitality Partnership app. Personally, I think this is a great app which has allowed me to connect very easily and quickly to my doctor Modality PatientFrom the Modality Partnership website

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