DLS helps the over 50s Connect

A service to help people in Scotland connect online to their family, friends and health and wellbeing services has been created by Digital Life Sciences.

Connect is a section of Living it Up, a digital health, care and wellbeing project aiming to empower the over 50s to improve their health and wellbeing by connecting them with their communities using familiar technologies, such as TVs, mobile phones and games consoles.

Connect, created by Digital Life Sciences, is designed to help people from the Western Isles, Forth Valley, Lothian, Moray and Highland/Argyll & Bute learn how to use technology to get in touch with services and each other.

The section includes How To guides designed to equip people with skills such as setting up Skype, creating a Facebook page or downloading a book on an e-reader.

It includes videos of local people learning how to use technology and talking about the benefits. There is information about classes in each of the regions.

There are also stories on how technology is being used to connect people in their areas, such as for health appointments in the Western Isles, in pulmonary rehab classes in Forth Valley and for GPs texting in Moray.

The sharing and getting involved section is designed to encourage people to let other know what is happening in their communities.

Lorna Bernard, Telehealthcare Strategy and Development Manager at Moray Community Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “I’m delighted that the Connect section of the Living it Up website is up and running.

“Digital technology has the potential to reduce isolation and enable people to use services wherever they are – but using it does require some skills.

“I hope Connect will help the people of the Western Isles, Forth Valley, Lothian, Moray and Highland/Argyll & Bute to learn those skills and be able to connect with their communities and services as a result.”

Living it Up, launched in November 2013, is part of the Technology Strategy Board-backed dallas programme funded by a consortium including the Technology Strategy Board, the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise and created by a variety of partners. It aims to reach a community of 55 000 in Scotland by 2015 and to deliver economic benefits to Scotland through creating opportunities for innovation.


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