DLS and Vitality score a hat-trick at HSJ Value Awards with Digital Health Hub

HSJ Value in Healthcare AwardsWe are very proud to announce that Vitality Partnership, our Prime Ministers Challenge Fund Wave 1 partners took home three HSJ Value awards at the ceremony in London last night.

Having been shortlisted for a total of 5 awards, the team from Vitality and Digital Life Sciences went through a series of presentations earlier in the year and were rewarded at the ceremony last night by taking home awards for Value and Improvement categories Patient Information Management, Information Technology and Implementation of IT to Support healthcare business efficiency.

Value and improvement in information technology where the judges were looking for entries that took advantage of new forms of information technology with meticulous processes and best value to the organisation. Entries had to show a patient-centred approach where needs and preferences of the patient, the security of information, clinical outcomes and the quality and safety of treatment and care were paramount.

Value and improvement in patient information management looked for entries that improved the quality and efficiency of patient information management through redesign or innovation. This meant showing evidence of streamlined processes, use of new technology for new service provision, innovative working across partner organisations, a clear focus on security and reduction in unnecessary process.

Value and improvement in using IT to support integrated healthcare services looked for projects that deliver better, safer and more coordinated patient experiences through the integration of care; breaking down barriers between departments, organsations and care settings. Selected projects needed to demonstrate successful implementation, on-time and to budget resulting in improved and most importantly, scalable integration as well and adequate user and vendor collaboration, resulting in a better patient experience and service improvements.

Robin Vickers, Chief Executive of Digital Life Sciences said:

“ Winning three awards at last nights event is testament to the hard work and commitment that the Vitality and DLS teams put in before, during and since the Health United Birmingham project. The awards put a seal of approval on DLS Access, and highlights the potential digitally transformed health services can achieve. We are very proud to have delivered the project with Vitality and are looking forward to developing the next stages of integrated digital healthcare together”.

  • Jo Ind

    This is really good news and very well deserved. Well done all.

  • Amanda Royston

    Congratulations, well done to everyone

  • Diane Aldersley