Our products

All our products have been created to address the healthcare challenges of today.  We employ user-centred design principles in our product development. This means the patient is at the heart of everything we do.  Our tools are designed to enable health and social care integration, support self-management of long-term conditions and expand access to services. They can be used on their own or in combination to offer a complete integrated digital care management platform.

DLS Access

Expanding access to care

DLS Access is a Health Hub, website and app that connects patients to their care team. It expands access for patients and enables more integrated care. This product has been proven to be effective within a group of GP practices but can be adapted to any setting.

Within primary care service provision, requests to see a doctor are taken at the Health Hub, or call centre, by registered patients using a phone, app or the form on a patient-centred website. The Health Hub team put the patient on the list of a GP or other health or social care provider, who calls them back, within an hour, either by phone or Skype.

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DLS Prescribe

Clinical consultation on demand

DLS Prescribe is a digital platform that enables health and care professionals to prescribe a digital postcard by email to the patient. This is a personalised package of short videos that explains the patient’s condition in detail, introduces them to their local NHS team and explains how to manage their condition.

Research indicates that when diagnoses are supported by personalised, informative content, patients are better able to understand their condition and make effective use of time spent with health professionals.

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DLS Care Planning

Online care planning tool

DLS Care Planning is an online health journal that patients can use to reflect on their health, find out more about their condition, organise their thoughts and take a more proactive role in discussion with health professionals, family and friends.

Patients can keep a record of their health and medicine information securely in one place, record measurements, such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels, directly from a variety of devices, monitor their health and wellbeing over time, as well as set and share their goals.

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DLS Connect

Connected informal care organiser

DLS Connect is an app that enables those living with long-term conditions to manage a network of friends and neighbours to help with informal care. It helps organise a private network of people to help with day-to-day tasks, like walking the dog or attending a medical appointment.

The patient chooses who is in their care network, for example, family, friends, neighbours or health and social care professionals. They can message selected people or the whole group and list the help they need.

DLS Connect can be integrated into DLS Care Planning. The two products can be accessed through one sign on and offered as a package of care.

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DLS Feedback

Real time patient feedback tool

DLS Feedback is a smartphone app that enables patients and their family to give feedback directly to the staff involved in their care. The staff can send a message straight back to the patient, which can be published in real time on the service provider’s website.

Staff are empowered by seeing positive comments and take a greater sense of ownership of the negative ones. Patients, in turn, feel heard.

Our app won the Guardian Healthcare Public Service Award for Digital Excellence 2013. Judges said it had revolutionised patient experience and improved quality of care.

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DLS eDaybook

Connected online daybook

The DLS eDaybook is a Windows 8 app that replaces the hardcopy daybook that is kept by clients in their homes and used by domiciliary carers when they visit. It enables the carer to keep a record of every visit so that family, friends and other health professionals can know what is happening in the client’s care.

By being online it means carers can look at the record before they knock on the door. It also makes it easier to share, helping a wider circle of carers to be informed. Other features planned for the DLS eDaybook include the ability to keep a client lists, message clients and develop a circle of support.

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