Supporting self-management

Patient view

Patients are supported in creating a care plan online. All their information about services, teams and carers is in one place. They can organise their thoughts, set goals and record measurements, such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels, directly from a variety of devices allowing health and wellbeing to be monitored over time. Patients own this information and can share it with family, carers and health and social care professionals.

Provider and comissioner view

Care Planning helps prevent ill health through supporting self-care.  It enables co-ordination of care as patients can share their data with their health and social care professionals from different organisations. This means they experience a more integrated service and have greater satisfaction.

  • Care Planning, known as A Better Plan, was developed as part of Year Zero, a three year programme supported by the Technology Strategy Board and Department of Health as part of the dallas project to “deliver assisted living at scale”. Go to A Better Plan.

“Involving people in decision making, developing care plans as a partnership between service users and professionals, setting goals and following them up and helping people to monitor their symptoms have all been proven to be effective means of supporting people in self-management.” (The Health Foundation, Helping people to help themselves.)