Bringing healthcare home

Patient view

A GP, or other health professional, sends patients a digital postcard, with a personal message and links to a suite of videos featuring a healthcare specialist. The information and videos enable patients to manage their condition or undertake a rehabilitation programme in their own home as soon as they want. The postcard can easily be shared with their family and carers.

Provider and commissioner view

Prescribe can be used as a tool in supporting self-management. It shifts the point of care from the hospital to the community, easing the bottle-neck to secondary care.  It has been designed to reduce clinical time in primary and secondary care, minimise waiting times, improve quality and service outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

  • Prescribe is being tested in GP practices in the Grampian region, where it is known as No Delays. Go to No Delays.

“No Delays has the potential to improve patient understanding and the doctor-patient relationship, during and after consultation.” Dr Jamie Hogg, Clinical Lead for Modernisation, NHS Grampian