Amplifying the patient voice

Patient view

Patients can leave feedback in real time as easily as they can send a text. Using an app on their phone, they can send a message directly to the person in charge of their care, who can send a message back. This dialogue is published in real time on the provider’s website. This increases transparency and enhances patient satisfaction.

Provder and commissioner’s view

The service has been proven to boost staff morale as the majority of the messages received are positive. It also reduces the risk of harm by alerting staff to problems before they escalate. The NHS Commissioning Board had announced that all NHS funded patients must have the opportunity to leave feedback in real time on any service by 2015. Our service has been proven to meet that requirement in a simple and effective way.

“Real-time patient feedback and comment must become a normal part of provider organisations’ customer service.” Sir Bruce Keogh, Review into the quality of care and treatment provided by 14 hospital trusts in England.